Solutions/MediEase Immunization
One of the first and best-known products developed by SynCo is MediEase Immunization Tracking Software ©, available in Enterprise and 3.3 Versions. MediEase revolutionized the model used for capturing, analyzing, and archiving critical data associated with an institution's immunization record reporting and storage, effectively changing it from a paper-based to an electronic-based system.

The MediEase rules engine was developed using SynCo's philosophy of generic rule-based programming and design. MediEase not only tracks immunizations but the rules engine can be used to create any kind of event, inter-relationship or compliance calculation on the fly. Different demographic groups can have different immunization requirements and rules allowing tremendous flexibility in compliance calculation while underlying events remain static. Generic rule-based processing has also been migrated to other applications, including the SynCo Scheduler.

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