Company History
SynCo Technologies founders John Rau and Terry Cook joined forces in the early-1990s to provide corporate clients with PC-based systems and solutions, they shared a very important and simply stated mission: "To provide intelligent software, superior services, and reasonable prices for our quality products."

The word synectic occurred to them early in the process of setting up their business because they liked its connotation with solution-based creative thinking and intuitive analysis, combined with an execution approach that involved a select group of individuals with diverse talents and expertise.

The notion of synergy, or working together, with ideas and people was to become the focal point of their early efforts to build a distinguished team of accomplished technologists and business professionals who could help customers solve information- and technology-related problems. In the universe of application development, a disconnect often occurs between the business requirement and the technology solution because technology providers fail to align their work with the customer's business goals. SynCo's strength is in firmly establishing and maintaining this critical connection. Ultimately, our company's objective is to help customers compete and achieve improved financial performance while enhancing the return on their investment in cost effective, productive technology applications.

2000 - Renamed SynCo Technologies, Inc.
1994 - Incorporated as Synectic Software, Inc.
1992 - Founded as Synectic Software Design Philosophy

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